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I Ricchi is a trattoria and serving typical Tuscan cuisine to four generations of Florentines.

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I Ricchi Trattoria - Firenze

I Ricchi Restaurant near Florence

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8.50/10 - 2 review
Cuisine(s): Trattorias, Restaurants, Enotecas, Italian
Via della Docciola, 14 - 50019  Sesto Fiorentino (FI) | Phone: +39055402045
Website: | Email:

I Ricchi is a trattoria that began in 1929 as a food shop (which is still in business), and has been serving typical Tuscan cuisine to four generations of Florentines.
We are located a few kilometres from Florence, in Cercina, a small town with a rich cultural past, in the midst of olive trees and part of the Monte Morello park area.

I Ricchi Restaurant near Florence I Ricchi Restaurant near Florence

The qualities that have made us famous in Florence are our family traditions, enriched by the recipies handed down from father to son for a cuisine that is simple and authentic. Some of our specialties are:      
fried dumplings with stracchino cheese, grilled bread with a tri-colour topping, and polenta crostini with chicken-liver paste.

The first courses use fresh home-made pasta: potato tortelli, pappaderlle with hare sauce, spinach and ricotta ravioli, ribollita, farro soup. Our famous “spider web” fried dishes, made with chicken, rabbit and vegetables are known worldwide.
We have a wood-burning oven for roasts such as milk-fed pork, and guinea-hen with grapes. And, of course, a charcoal-grill for the beautiful and tasty bistecche alla Fiorentina.

The restaurant has two internal dining rooms decorated in the Tuscan style, and a charming heated veranda that allows clients to enjoy a lovely view of the Cercina hillside, even during the winter months.

During the summer months there are two terraces, shaded by a secular oak tree.

I Ricchi is located in the hamlet of Cercina, a few kilometres outside Florence.
In the past, Cercina was an important cultural centre.
The Church of Sant’Andrea a Cercina, once known as "S. Gerusalem in Cercina", is one of the most important and oldest churches of the entire Florentine diocese; its history goes back to the Lombards. A Renaissance portico and unusual bell tower, believed to date back to the year 1000, complete its rustic elegance.

The Castiglione Castle, in Cercina, (erge) is erected on a hilltop (450 m) from which it dominates the town and valley. From its glorious past remain the name, the memories, the tower and the outside walls.

I Ricchi Restaurant near Florence I Ricchi Restaurant near Florence
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francesco Firenze, Italia
2012-06-03 23:56:18
Su tripadvisor questo posto mi pare massacrato...non so perche' ci sono sempre stato bene..anche se e' vero che i miei zii mi hanno detto che un po' e' peggiorato...pero' gran vista e bella atmosfera!

Federico Fiesole, Firenze
2010-09-30 14:32:54
Sono stato qui la scorsa estate, a Firenze si moriva di caldo mentre qua si respirava. Atmosfera molto carina, bella vista e cibo buono (anche se non eccezionale!)! Appena si risuperano i 35° gradi prenderò il mio scooter e la mia girl e tornerà quassu!

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