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Some of our restaurants...

Osteria della Pagliazza Florence/*/Osteria della Pagliazza Firenze/*//*//*//*/

Osteria della Pagliazza Florence

Restaurant of the Month

The typical “Tuscan Menu” for a quick lunch or a tasty dinner featuring a selection cold cuts of meat, home made pasta and traditional Tuscan Soups.
Antico Vinaio /*/Antico Vinaio /*//*//*//*/

All'Antico Vinaio

Restaurant of the Month

A small enoteca that is famous for its delicious sandwiches and extensive selection of wine.
BALDOVINO restaurant pizzeria Florence/*/Baldovino ristorante pizzeria Firenze/*//*//*/

Baldovino Restaurant Pizzeria - Florence

Who are they? David Gardner, a former tour operator, arrived in Florence in 1994 with his lawyer wife Catherine ostensibly to take time out from work and study Italian. It was David's vision to build a small restaurant empire in Florence, which has something decidedly coals-to- Newcastle about it. But that is exactly what David Gardner has done.
10.00/10 - 1 review
Negroni Bar Firenze/*/Negroni Bar Firenze/*//*//*//*/

Negroni Bar - Florence

The Negroni Florence Bar is located by the Arno River in a beautiful square where the atmosphere is welcoming, warm, colourful and lively. Florence: an international city, where the “art of meeting” is a speciality, open to everything modern life offers and proud of its great traditions.
8.00/10 - 1 review
edi house restaurant pizzeria florence/*/edi house ristorante pizzeria firenze/*//*//*//*/

Edi House Restaurant Pizzeria - Florence

EDI-HOUSE offers exceptional Italian cuisine, a welcoming staff and a cultural dining experience. Tucked away in the beautiful and historic Piazza Savonarola of Florence.
Come here for lunch or dinner and savor exceptional primi, secondi or a glass of fine Chianti wine.
7.00/10 - 1 review
Finisterrae mediterranean restaurant Florence/*/Finisterrae ristorante mediterraneo Firenze/*//*//*//*/

Finisterrae - Florence

The restaurant is conceived as a culinary voyage through the Mediterranean flavours and cuisines, a kaleidoscope of colours and fragrances, an excitement for the eyes...
The floor space is vast, almost endless, a sequence of visions...Depending on where you are seated you may feel your self in a Spanish tasca or a Greek taberna, a French bistrot, a Middle east caffè or simply an Italian trattoria.
9.50/10 - 2 review
Trattoria Bordino Florence/*/Trattoria Bordino Firenze/*//*//*//*/

Bordino Trattoria - Florence

Located in a small and ancient street in the very heart of Florence, protected by the famous Vasariano corridor which links Palazzo Vecchio together with Palazzo Pitti, Trattoria Bordino is a small pearl where you can taste the typical recipes of the Tuscan cuisine.

Particularly renowned for their Florentine steak grilled on the barbecue, the restaurant has a wide menu which changes every day according to the seasonal rhythm of nature.

 A small, romantic restaurant trattoria that suggests this is where you should be having your unforgettable candle light dinner in the historical center of Florence, Italy. Bordino is a small restaurant which has become one the most appreciated restaurants throughout the years.

10.00/10 - 1 review
La Bua della Tonia Restaurant Prato/*/La Bua della Tonia Ristorante Prato/*//*//*//*/

La Bua della Tonia Trattoria Osteria - Prato

Surrounded by greenery and on the shores of Lago Verde, this trattoria is family-friendly place perfect for summer dining.
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