Ristorante Vivo - Dal mare alla padella

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Largo Annigoni 9 A/B, 50129 - Firenze
+39 333 1824183

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European leader in the raw market, F.lli Manno is a family of Tuscan fishermen with over 40 years of experience.

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"We wanted to eplore the restaurant world with the intent to bring in our land the French culinary culture where everyone can afford dishes of raw food. Inspired by the French bistros, we believed in the "Vivo" project with the aim of giving everyone the opportunity to taste fresh fish at affordable prices. Simplicity in recipes and in the gastronomic proposal. The fish is sincere, does not want to be betrayed by condiments or too sophisticated preparations. We are specialists in the quality product and in the service we put the same passion as when we go out with the fishing boats at sea, every day. " MAURIZIO MANNO Founder F.lli Manno