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Via Borgo Pinti 12/r 18/r, 50121 - Firenze
+39 055 241 341

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Ten years ago, the Hapsburg Lorena princes decided to open a restaurant in Florence: La Giostra.?The sciences are not like Minerva that came out of Jupiter all armed, they are daughters of time?, here in lies the secret of La Giostra. Diners expect a typical cuisine but instead they discover new savors that have survived the test of time as these recipes have over a hundred years of history.

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Out of range, while being private and cozy, the restaurant La Giostra is intentionally difficult to find. Outside the front door there is no sign. The street on which it is found is far away from the typical touristic routes. Yet it is only a few minutes from the Duomo, in the heart of Florence, in Borgo Pinti number 12, near the San Piero arch. In short, it is not a place for tourists, it is more a place for travelers. Every morning the chef kneads pappardelle noodles and ravioli, simmers bolognese style sauces, with all ingredients that were freshly picked.