La Raccolta

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Via G. Leopardi, 2r , 50121 - Firenze
+39 055 247 9068

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We believe that eating is not just nourishing, but feeling emotions. Those that arise from the harmonious balance of the body, from the culinary research and the satisfaction of taste. But also by conscious choices that favor respect for nature and its rhythms.

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The products that we use in our recipes and that we sell in our market come from certified organic products, with particular attention to the small productive realities of the territory. Raw materials cultivated in an environmentally sustainable way, to protect biodiversity, and the result of natural change of seasons. We want to offer you good, clean and fair foods, rich in the best nutrients that the body needs at different times of the year. Propose a healthy diet for the right balance of body and mind. Through food we seek a better quality of life because we recognize the profound effect on our individual evolution and on our living with the community. In our bio restaurant we love to nourish the body and soul with healthy and tasty recipes, fruit of passion, creativity and love for the environment. For this reason we will find many delicious dishes for a vegetarian, vegan or macrobiotic dinner, which, while inspired by the Italian gastronomic tradition, evoke oriental and fascinating aromas. The menu of our bio restaurant changes daily, as we follow the rhythms of nature and use only what it offers us spontaneously. Genuine raw materials that bring the best nutrients that the body needs at any specific time of the year. Rigorously organic products that come from small businesses or certified local consortia. From this philosophy our dishes for dinner are born: original, refined and able to satisfy taste and sight. Foods cooked with reverse osmosis purified water, without chlorine, heavy metals, limestone, asbestos, boron, arsenic or other substances harmful to health. Or prepare under vacuum at very low temperatures and with short times to maintain the nutritional properties unaltered. Treat yourself to a dinner in our bio restaurant, it will be a pleasant moment of relaxation to live in harmony with nature.