Restaurants, Enoteca/Wine Bar | S.Spirito / S.Frediano Area

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Via delle Caldaie 12 R, 50125 - Firenze
+39 055 282223

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We are on the other side, in a corner that still manages to protect itself from the flow of tourists and that retains its Florentine identity. Populated by everyone and at all hours, it has a tireless spirit and its vitality can only infect anyone walking through its hidden corners.

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A bit like a Londoner and a Parisian, Gurdulù is all Florentine: in the neighborhood of Santo Spirito comes a unique but common place, familiar but unusual, real and at the same time fantastic. Pure State, Tradition and Territory, Today at the Market, Classic Snacks, Desserts and Seasons: this is the menu that offers the restaurant and that periodically changes respecting the seasons. From Gurdulù also great attention is paid to wine. And if there is an expert among the members, there can not be an encyclopedic selection of local and non-Italian labels: the card has more than 250 with a preference towards Tuscany, Piedmont, Burgundy and Champagne and is studied in combination with snacks both at the counter and comfortably seated at the table.