Fishing Lab

Restaurants | Piazza Duomo / S.Giovanni

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via del proconsolo 16r, 50122 - Firenze
+39 055 240618

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Fishing Lab is not a restaurant, understood in its traditional meaning. Fishing Lab is an innovative catering concept, based on an original formula of the unconventional consumption of raw or cooked fish. After selecting the most distinctive traits of traditional kitchens, Fishing Lab reworked them in a new configuration.

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Within the premises, relaxation and home size envelop customers. The maritime atmosphere is perceptible, spontaneous hospitality. Between a taste of fish and a glass of wine, always available in a few minutes, the customer feels at home. Or by boat, enjoying the roll of the sea. The chefs at the helm guide the kitchens on sight. The waiters rule the hall. The fish, as if it were freshly caught, a true protagonist of the restaurant. Fishing Lab leaves customers free to compose their own menu, to choose imaginative combinations, to sit at a table or stand up. The goal is to offer raw materials and ingredients of the highest quality at a fair price, always guiding the customer to the best choices for his well-being. The Fishing Lab customer is not defined by classical criteria of age or social positioning. It is a transversal target, clearly identifiable through attitudes and preferences of precise forms of consumption. The ideal customer? He loves fried food and street food, he eats slowly the thousand perfumes of raw, he experiments with the novelties of the wood oven. He stops ten minutes longer for a light and rich appetizer, drinks a glass of wine standing with his friends, he lets himself be seduced by the freshness of the fish on sight by personally choosing his dinner.