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Piazza di Santa Croce 12, 50122 - Firenze
+39 055 26 38 675

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The restaurant is conceived as a culinary voyage through the Mediterranean flavours and cuisines, a kaleidoscope of colours and fragrances, an excitement for the eyes...The floor space is vast, almost endless, a sequence of visions...Depending on where you are seated you may feel your self in a Spanish tasca or a Greek taberna, a French bistrot, a Middle east caff? or simply an Italian trattoria.

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Finisterrae in the heart of Florence. Piazza Santa Croce: one of the most beautiful squares in Italy.Wherever you may be, in fact does not really matter as food is invariably fresh and the service informal but friendly, in other words Mediterranean!You can enter the restaurant right from Piazza Santa Croce and relax in our lively and spacious "Terrazza" (75 seats) taking an aperitivo or venture into our next station "Malaga" with its aristocratic andalusian flair (46 seats) and from there to "Tangers" with its intense atmosphere (42 seats)."Marseille" is the next port and our main dining room with a strong pronvencale ambience (48 seats)."Napoli" is next, our pizzeria: authentic organic ingredients and traditional wood oven, "Salonicco" is our greek cove with a warm and rich levantine touch (34 seats)...Those who smoke, will do so in our "Giardino", a hidden conservatory like, florentine court yard with confortable sofas and colourful chairs (48 seats): an excellent space for buffet lunches and private dinners.