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Via de Martelli 22/R | Primo Piano di Eataly, 50129 - Firenze
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Talent of the new guard of Florentine catering, the young chef of Essenziale (and face of Gambero Rosso Channel with Cambio Menu) launches into a new challenge, which from February 2018 will see him protagonist, with his team, on the first floor of Eataly , in via Martelli. This is where FAC, the fast and casual model imported from America, will be born, and adapted to the more traditional Italian gastronomic identity.

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After the success of Essenziale, the team composed by Simone Cipriani, Massimiliano Vitali, Matteo Ercoli and Gemma Perez, replicates in Florence, with the opening of FAC, on the first floor of Eataly Firenze, in via Martelli, a stone's throw from the Duomo. An important novelty (but to find out it will have to wait until February 2018), since it will be the first place of this type present in Italy, and then for the initiative to open a second restaurant in the city, in a structure like Eataly, which was search for a suitable format to enhance the restaurant "above". FAC stands for Fast and Casual, an existing format in the United States. The supporting elements are those of a fast service, spending a sustainable amount for good quality food. A type of catering that embraces a wide and varied clientele. The founding aspects will therefore be tradition, street food and contamination from the world.