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Some of our restaurants...

Giannino Restaurant/*/Giannino in S.Lorenzo/*//*//*/

Giannino in S.Lorenzo Restaurant - Florence

Restaurant of the Month

The restaurant is located in the antique San Lorenzo Medicean district, a few steps away from the S.Lorenzo church and from the Duomo Square.
9.50/10 - 2 review
Santa Elisabetta restaurant/*/Santa Elisabetta ristorante/*//*//*//*/

Santa Elisabetta restaurant

Restaurant of the Month

The Restaurant Santa Elisabetta located in the historic heart of Florence and embedded in the beautiful, elegant and astonishing Hotel Brunelleschi proposes the pure flavors of our country through the excellent art of our chef, Simone Bertaccini. 7 tables accommodating up to 24 covers create a unique Restaurant where guests will find the most joyful moments of their life.
la raccolta food/*/la raccolta mange /*//*//*//*/

La Raccolta

Restaurant of the Month

La Raccolta serves as your one-stop-shop for all your organic, vegetarian, vegan and macrobiotic food needs. It encompasses a grocery store, restaurant and cafe all into one neat little package.
Old refreshment bar Cambi/*/Antico Ristoro Cambi/*//*//*//*/

Antico Ristoro di Cambi

A warm, wooden tables, benches and stools, many Florentines, very few tourists, a kitchen with Tuscan roots, authentic and sincere. We are in the neighborhood of San Frediano, a short distance from the Lungarno Soderini. Two brothers, Bruno and Silvano Cambi, opened a tavern here in '50 with a kitchen, which refreshed the Arno transporters of sand  .
La pentola dell'Oro/*/La pentola dell'Oro/*//*//*//*/

La Pentola dell'Oro Restaurant - Florence

The cooking is inspired by the past and you can taste tuscan, medieval and renaissance dishes.It's a restaurant with a simple yet refined appearance, in an artigianal area (Santa Croce) of the historic centre of Florence.
8.75/10 - 4 review

Enoteca Boccanegra - Florence

The soft, light and delicate scents of wild fennel wafting from the cellar creates an atmosphere of pleasant relaxation for dinner.

Inside the enoteca-osteria (typical local restaurant), the traditional Tuscan cuisine is based on salami, canapés and cheese, soup and pasta dishes, as well as the famous Florentine T-bone steak. All of which are the perfect accompaniment to a glass of good Italian wine.

francescovini restaurant pizzeria florence/*/francescovini ristorante pizzeria firenze/*//*//*//*/

Francescovini Restaurant Pizzeria - Florence

Located in one of the oldest buildings in Florence, situated above the ruins of the roman amphitheater. FrancescoVini offers the best quality of food for our customers and typical Tuscan dishes made famous in Florence and refined by our talented chefs.
10.00/10 - 1 review
L'Agorà Restaurant Scandicci/*/L'Agorà Ristorante Scandicci/*//*//*//*/

Ristorante L'Agorà Scandicci

L' Agorà comes from a Greek name which means to "collect or gather."

L'Agorà is a restaurant and pizzeria which offers diners the opportunity to enjoy Mediterranean cuisine, including seafood appetizers and rich courses; from fresh pasta courses to delicious risottos, grilled fish or meat, as well as a wide selection of delicious wood-fired oven baked pizzas. All meals can be paired with a locally produced wine which will compliment your tasting experience.

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