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Some of our restaurants...

Santa Elisabetta restaurant/*/Santa Elisabetta ristorante/*//*//*//*/

Santa Elisabetta restaurant

Restaurant of the Month

The Restaurant Santa Elisabetta located in the historic heart of Florence and embedded in the beautiful, elegant and astonishing Hotel Brunelleschi proposes the pure flavors of our country through the excellent art of our chef, Simone Bertaccini. 7 tables accommodating up to 24 covers create a unique Restaurant where guests will find the most joyful moments of their life.
Osteria della Pagliazza Florence/*/Osteria della Pagliazza Firenze/*//*//*//*/

Osteria della Pagliazza Florence

Restaurant of the Month

The typical “Tuscan Menu” for a quick lunch or a tasty dinner featuring a selection cold cuts of meat, home made pasta and traditional Tuscan Soups.
Girarrosto Restaurant Florence Firenze/*/Girarrosto Ristorante Florence Firenze/*//*//*//*/

Il Girarrosto restaurant

Opening in the beginning of the 50’s, this historical restaurant of Pontassieve has always been a great go-to for food and wine lovers.
8.00/10 - 1 review
La Trattoria del Pesce Restaurant in Florence/*/La Trattoria del Pesce Ristorante Firenze/*//*//*//*/

La Trattoria del Pesce Ristorante - Val di Pesa

La Trattoria del Pesce is a renowned restaurant nestled in the Tuscan countryside whose cuisine is based on delicious recipes with the freshest fish available.
La Grande Cina Chinese Restaurant Prato/*/La Grande Cina Ristorante Cinese Prato/*//*//*//*/

Ristorante Cinese La Grande Cina - Prato

La Grande Cina is a pub and Chinese restaurant in Prato. They are known best for grilled seafood specialties from the Cantonese cuisine.

Al Chirola di Jimmy Restaurant Florence/*/Al Chirola di Jimmy Ristorante Firenze/*//*//*//*/

Al Chirola di Jimmy restaurant

"Al Chirola di Jimmy" is located right in front of the panoramic Fortezza Da Basso and takes an interesting approach in the Florentine restaurant scene.
corno africa restaurant etnico africano florence /*/corno africa ristorante etnico africano firenze/*//*//*//*/

Corno d'Africa etnic restaurant

The intention of the "Horn of Africa" is to familiarize you, through the passion and commitment of the owners, the traditional African cuisine, especially from Eritrea and Ethiopia, to those who wish to try this fabulous culinary artistry. The restaurant "Horn of Africa" was born thanks to Almaz and Franco on 14 February 2009.

Ruth's Kosher Restaurant - Florence

Kasherut under the supervision of the Chief Rabbi of Jewish Community of Florence: Rav Joseph Levi
9.00/10 - 2 review
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